Ed gets design - He makes magic happen with colour combinations. Fonts and the use of space is his paintbrush and knows how to use images to grab attention. He created a brand for our company that has punch, looks professional and delivers our message. It started with a logo and quickly there was a realisation that he can do great things with our slogan, website, flyers and poster designs. Soon it flowed over to a magazine advertorial, career fair backdrop, banners, multi-part tablecloth design; not to mention the social media combo advert campaigns. All solid and uplifting material.
There is a beautiful golden thread working through these different marketing mediums. It makes so much business sense and is masterfully intertwined. What I enjoy most, is how he listens to a brief and can instantly magnify the idea into something modern, tangible and always eye-catching. A product that our target audience can genuinely relate to. This phase is always exciting to experience. The main reason why he is our go-to-guy is easy: Ed gets design - We are thankful that we can regularly pick YOUR brain! 

Cathy van der Merwe—Adventure Director – GoAbroad
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